Monday, August 23, 2010

twenty-third day.

i can't believe i'm already over three weeks in. i've lost about 3 pounds total, but i know i can lose more. the one thing i've noticed about getting in shape is that your diet really does make a difference. i can tell that when my weight has fluctuated and gone back up that it's only when i eat junky food and/or not done as much as i could during the workouts. i need to find some more motivation because i know i can do this!

core syngeristics felt gooooood. it was awesome to get back into working out daily and i can feel my strength building. i broke in my new 5 lb. weights and it made a big difference. i couldn't do as many reps as i could have with a 3 lb. weight and now my arms feel a little like jelly. i know 5 lbs. isn't a lot, but for someone who can barely open a pickle jar without help, it's something.

i know this is supposed to be my rest week, and it's filled with two days of yoga, two days of cardio, and two days of x stretch, but i want more! i feel like the last three days were my rest and i can keep going. i might sub a day of yoga for shoulders and arms and a day of stretch for legs and back possibly.

by the way, i never blogged the day i did x stretch last week. it was great. it felt amazing to stretch all the sore muscles i had been working the week before. i may skip one day of it this week, but saturday will definitely include stretch.

tomorrow i might throw in some swimming or bike riding. depends on how homework goes. (yes, i have homework on the first day of school. >_<) and i'm off with the man to straighten out his financial aid at valencia, which may take a while. those people have their heads so far up their butts they have no idea what they're talking about. so hopefully all that goes well. otherwise, i'll just be doing my cardio (in place of kenpo, which, as i've mentioned, i'm not a huge fan of). woo! here's to getting back on track!

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