Monday, August 9, 2010

seventh day!

yesterday i didn't get to do core synergistics till like 10:30pm. i had two graduation parties to go to which was fun, so while jd was at his employee meeting i popped in the dvd and went to town.

core synergistics was a little easier this time. i still don't have a very strong core, but i'm getting better. one move i liked that really worked my core and my arms was running planks. you just punch your knees to your chest when you're in plank. it's not so bad the first few, then my abs started shaking from the exertion. it was fun though. i like this workout because it mixes in so many moves and you're not just working out your core. you're working your arms and legs and abs all at the same time. it makes it more interesting and not so boring.

so this weekend i fluffed up big time on my diet. it was just because of convenience and ease and i know i shouldn't have eaten all that junk, but i did. after i finished core synergistics last night, i laid down on my bed and all of a sudden i felt nauseous. i'm not 100% sure that it was all the junk i had been eating or the chocolate milk i drank as my recovery drink, but i had used the chocolate milk all last week as my recovery drink after workouts and i never felt nauseous, so i'm thinking it was the junk food. it wasn't pleasant, but it's a good way to kick my butt into eating healthier!

oh, and saturday i wanted to do x stretch, but it was just kind of a blah day. i went swimming with my dog and got my heart rate up a little bit, then it started raining, which always makes me not want to do anything. i wasn't sure i wanted to sit and stretch for an hour, so i skipped it. i'll definitely be doing it this saturday, though. i want to see what it's like.

today i have cardio x coming up a little later. i might jump in the pool for another quick swim as well. look for my next post tonight!

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