Thursday, August 5, 2010

le sigh.

so yesterday was crazy. i was at school all day, then came home and wrote the paper that was due today (which i got a 39/40 on, thank you very much). the good news is that i (obviously) got the paper done AND took my final today, which i think went pretty well, and i'm free! no more school for three and a half weeks! w00t! however, it didn't allow me to do my yoga x. :[ i was so excited about it, so i was really upset that i couldn't do it. however, i'm going to be crazy and do yoga x AND legs and back tonight. i'm supposed to do ab ripper x as well, but lord knows how well that went last night. besides, a lot of yoga works your abs as well, so i think i'm kindofalittlebit making up for it. i'm starting yoga x in about twenty minutes, so look for my next post in a few hours!

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