Sunday, August 1, 2010

first day!

i finished the first workout! i couldn't complete every exercise, but i did what i could and pushed myself until i couldn't push any harder.

so the first workout in the first week of the lean track is core synergistics. it's all about your core, but working out every other muscle along with it. so it's not like you're doing a million sit ups and crunches, but stuff that you can actually feel as your doing it. there was a bunch of stuff i couldn't do (push ups hate me i hate push ups) and there's something called chatarunga runs that just didn't work out. but i made through most of everything, even if i did fewer reps than they did. some of it was actually very similar to yoga. lots of lunges, boats, bananas, and planks. their versions of plank though is nuts. you plank, then go lower, almost touching the ground, but not. then plank again, and repeat the process a few times. it's like really slow push ups.

overall, i got super sweaty and nasty and i feel like i actually did something, even if i only got through maybe a total of 35 out of the 55 minutes of video. it was hard, but not impossibly so. so far i'm really enjoying it! the nutrition plan isn't working out quite so well yet, though. i just ate two twizzlers (EDIT: and a mini bag of lays and some sour gummy worms...i probably need to work on this a little bit). i'm sure that's not on the plan.

until tomorrow!


  1. Good for you, Corrie! Sounds like you're doing really well. :)

  2. Keep up the great work girl. I am proud of you. Love your Mom (under Daddy's name)

  3. Way to take the first step Corrie. So proud of you!! Cant wait to start walking the lake...