Saturday, August 7, 2010

sixth day.

sorry i didn't get around to blogging yesterday. but i did get through kenpo x! it was actually kinda...boring? hahah. some of it was alright but it was just lots of kicking and punching whereas i like to do more than just two different things in a workout. i was definitely sweating by the end, but i'd have to say it was my least favorite workout so far. not that it was bad, just not necessarily my thing.

today i can either rest or do x stretch. i got in the pool for about 10 minutes and did some laps. not a whole lot, but it got my heart rate up for a little bit. i probably will go the x stretch in a little while, just because my legs are so stiff. i keep trying to stretch out my calves, but ever since the legs and back workout, they've been so sore that i've just been trying to avoid getting charley horses. my thighs and butt are pretty sore too (tmi? :P) hopefully x stretch can help me out a little bit in those areas.

i made myself lunch yesterday, trying to make a recipe that's in the p90x nutrition guide. shrimp stir fry. i had stir fry vegetables in my freezer that i've been dying to eat, and i had just bought frozen shrimp to try out this recipe. i didn't actually follow the recipe exactly, but i used brown rice like they told me to. cooked everything perfectly, put it all together, put some soy sauce in it, and took a bite.

now, to be fair, it was probably actually pretty good. the vegetables were good, the shrimp was good, but i haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate brown rice. it is disgusting. it shouldn't even be called rice. i wanted to like it so badly, but nope. the brown rice had to ruin it. it soaked up all the soy sauce so i couldn't even taste it. i ate all the shrimp and some of the vegetables out of it and put the rest in the fridge for my mom. sad face. :[

but oh well. i know brown rice is much better for me than white rice, but i can't force myself to eat something i don't like. so i'd definitely make it again, just without the brown (nasty) rice.

anywayz. x stretch, here i come!

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