Tuesday, August 24, 2010

twenty-fourth day.

so today was supposed to be kenpo x, but i switched it out for cardio x. then i switched out the last 15 minutes of cardio for about 10 minutes of legs and back. i'm just switchin' it up aaaall over the place people.

let me tell you something. when you're not very strong to begin with and you increase your dumbbell weight by even four pounds, you can feel it. i was doing some calf raises and with the 3 lb. weights, i could get almost to the end (about 58 total) without having to stop. this time, with two 5 lb. weights, i think i got to 40. not a huge difference, but man. four pounds makes a difference.

i could also totally feel it when i was doing presses. i did 17 at first, and i used to be able to do about 25 with the 3 lb. weights. but it feels good because my arms are all jelly-ish. i love it!

tomorrow i'm supposed to do x stretch, but i have school all day and then work right after. soooo i'm not sure how that's working out. but i get off around 9ish, so hopefully i can fit it in after i get home. maybe even some ab ripper x? we shall see!


one of my friend's recently was debating whether or not to do p90x. for anyone reading who isn't sure, DO IT. if you want to lose some poundage or gain muscle or just get in shape, it's amazing. it's intense, but amazing. even if you don't follow the plan exactly, it's great to just pick up once in a while because you know you're going to get in a really great workout without a gym membership or a crazy expensive weight bench.

some people may think that the program is on the expensive side, and it can be. but there are ways to do it on the cheap. that post is coming up soon! i'll show you guys lots of different ways to get the results you want without breaking the bank.

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