Thursday, August 5, 2010

fifth day!

so since i had to skip yesterday, i did two workouts today. i don't really know what i was thinking, but i'm glad i did it. i would have hated skipping an entire day and not making it up. sooo today i did yoga x and legs and back. like i said earlier, i was supposed to do ab ripper x, but i didn't want to kill myself. so as i drink my recovery drink (yummy chocolate milk), i'll tell you about my workouts!

first was yoga x, which is a 90-minute workout. let me tell you. this is not the yoga i'm used to. i wasn't expecting hatha yoga, which is more relaxation/meditation than anything, but i was expecting astanga, which is pretty hard core. what i got was way beyond that. i probably couldn't do half the poses. this was partly because i seem to have issues with my right ankle and i can't hold it at a 90-degree angle to my other foot, so i didn't want to push that and injure myself. other poses i just wasn't flexible enough to do correctly, but i tried the best i could. i was definitely sweaty and sore by the time i was finished, though. if anyone is interested in yoga, DEFINITELY check out an astanga class or come do this workout with me. it's amazing.

THEN i did legs and back. i was supposed to do a lot of pull-ups, but i know that wouldn't have worked out very well, even with a chair, so i did shoulder presses. not as much work, but i didn't want to just sit there and do nothing. i had to do a ton of squats and lunges, which i'm not a huge fan of, but i did as many as possible. i'm not super friendly with either one of them, so if i didn't get close the amount of reps they were doing, i probably did about half. then calf raises were last. they weren't so bad the first 15 with my toes pointed out, then i did 10 fast, which is when they started to burn. i did 15 with my toes parallel, 10 fast, then 8 pigeon-toed. that's where i quit. it was crazy. i thought i was going to fall down. :P but it feels so good.

so i'm not 100% sure how accurate my scale is (i weigh a 10lb weight first and alter my weight if it isn't 10lbs.) but if it is accurate i've lost 5.5lbs in about 5 days! i'm really hoping that's accurate.

tomorrow, kenpo x! karate, baby!


  1. P90X yoga is definitely a hard workout! I'm doing P90X as well and did Yoga yesterday, and I'm with you on not being able to do all of the moves! I have a love/hate relationship with it :)

    When I first started, I couldn't do pull ups either and it was so frustrating! So I left my pull up bar in the doorway and every time I would walk by I would try to do one. I worked up to being able to do three in a row in just two weeks! Maybe you could try that too!


  2. it is pretty crazy! that's definitely a good idea with the pull-up bar. i just tried doing one for the first time. totally didn't work out hahah. but i'll take your advice and try every time i walk by it! thanks for the tip!

  3. Best of luck :) I made it a few weeks and then I started revolting against by husband by hiding the dvd's haha. Such an intense workout! Thanks for stopping by our blog and linking up- we love having you participate!