Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ninth day!

yesterday was cardio x. even though last week didn't not go well, yesterday was even better! i probably only skipped maybe five minutes because of stuff i just couldn't plain do. it was overall a great workout and i loved the fact that i still felt great afterward! i had sushi for lunch yesterday before i worked out, so no more repeat nausea. (mmm sushi sounds really good now...)

i'm really digging this program so far. like i said before, it's really hard to stay on the nutrition plan for me, so i've just been trying to eat healthier. it's hard when the only healthy things you have in the house require preparation and cooking and you really don't feel like making anything. :P but i think i'm getting better. i weighed in on sunday and i gained back almost three of the pounds i lost, but i'm still down two and a half pounds. it's not the best, but i just need to work a little harder. two pounds in a week is pretty good, but i know i can step it up. i weigh in tomorrow so we'll see how much progress i've made since sunday!

today is shoulders and arms and ab ripper x. not 100% sure if i'm actually going to do ab ripper or not, but i might try. we shall see!

now to go figure out if i want to pick up some sushi...

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