Friday, August 27, 2010

twenty-seventh day!

today was cardio x, but i switched it up a bit. i did about half of it at first, got bored, took a break for a while. then did some random stuff about an hour ago.

i've been losing a lot of motivation lately because i feel like i'm not losing any weight at all. i don't know if it's the scale i'm using or what, but my weight has been fluctuating like crazy. i keep going up and down 5 or 6 pounds every few days. if anyone has any insight as to why this might be happening please let me know. my eating habits haven't really changed the past week and i've been weighing myself at around the same time of day each time and wearing similar clothing. it just feels like all the effort i've put in the past twenty-seven days hasn't gotten me anywhere.

i'm going to try to keep going, though. maybe i just need to put more effort into the workouts or something, but we shall see.


  1. Just remember you are going to build muscle first. Muscle "weighs" more than fat, so to speak. The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn. But if you are gaining muscle and burning fat at the same time, then the scale may look the same or fluctuate, but your body is becoming healthier.

    Also, you should maybe count your calories. You need to know how many calories you burn at rest (your BMR). You can figure that out by this equation:

    655 + 9.56(your weight) + 1.85(your height in inches) - 4.68(your age) = BMR

    This number will tell you the calories burnt at rest. So basically, you need to eat less than that amount to burn calories without exercise. Make sure you do EVERY exercise.. if something is hard, don't just not do it cause you don't like it. Make sure you push yourself and do everything. Results will be better too. So if you keep doing what you are doing with P90X and eat under the amount of calories you burn at rest... you will see better results..BUT you should also take this into consideration.


    You should try to run about 3 times per week. Even if it is just a mile. You really should. THAT is what burns fat. You need more cardio. And cardio is something you should do everyday, not just once or twice per week.

    Also drink LOTS of water. Water helps burn fat.

    And one last thing.. PROTEIN. Meats (small portions) once in a while.. and WHEY PROTEIN. You can find the powder anywhere..Wal Mart is probably cheapest. And mix it with water or milk, or even in a shake. That is the best protein with no extra crap added into it like other protein drinks you buy pre-made.

    Also remember, fruits and vegetables.. foods close to mother nature. Try not to eat anything man made!!

    Ok I will shut up now!! :D

  2. haha kayla i love you! thank you for the bmr thing!

    i actually mentioned to jd that i want to start running soon, even if i can only do it for short bursts of time. before i started p90x, i had very little to no endurance or stamina, so running for me equated to jogging for 30 seconds, then walking for 2 minutes and alternating back and forth. but i think with the cardio workout with p90x, my endurance has increased, so i should be able to run longer distances.

    i like the cardio workout the best, so i've been trying to do at least some of that everyday. a lot of the other workouts that aren't focused on my arms and back include some cardio, too, so i've been doing those more often as well. i need to find the motivation to start swimming laps more often, too.

    you're awesome, kayla haha. thank you!

  3. Hey, Corrie! If you're interested in running I can recommend a program called Couch to 5k. It's designed for people who aren't used to running and I've heard from many people that it's very helpful. Here's a link to a website about the program:

  4. that's amazing! that helps a lot. thank you!!