Thursday, August 12, 2010

eleventh and twelfth days.

i've been slacking. :[ i skipped yesterday (day eleven) because it was kind of a busy day. i know i should have made time for it and i know i could have. i was supposed to do yoga x, but i ended up doing it today with legs and back. i think i only got through about half of yoga. a lot of it ends up being about arm and core strength, which i'm obviously lacking. the whole first half is a lot of downward dog and warrior, which relies on a lot of quad and arm strength. i'm fine in the lunges for the warrior positions, but after doing downward dog 98,031 times, it gets a little grueling to keep your arms in the air for a while. i'm kind of disappointed that i couldn't do more, but i'm glad i did at least some of it.

legs and back wasn't as bad. i did probably 50 minutes of the 60 minute workout. i'm still sweaty as crap and i can definitely feel in my muscles that they were working. pretty much the only thing i couldn't do with all the wall squats. i did some, but not all of them. i think i did about 30 seconds. :P they kill. i couldn't do some of the squats, either. apparently my legs aren't as strong as i thought they were haha. i'm also supposed to be doing pull-ups, but that doesn't work out for me. so i do shoulder presses. i do them the same way the do the pull-ups on the video, but i know it's not quite the same seeing as how i'm not pressing my entire body weight hahah. and the calf raises holy moly. pain.

i was getting super tired so i skipped ab ripper. :[ i was going to skip it earlier this week but i didn't, so i might add it tomorrow or with x stretch on saturday. i'm not 100% excited about kenpo x because i'm not the hugest fan, but i will get through it!

oh, and i dropped 1.7 pounds since three days ago! i know i can lose the weight, as long as i keep my eating habits in check. i'm trying to keep it up!

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