Friday, July 30, 2010

grounded before i even got off the ground.

note to self: don't put weedwackers near the car. also: don't wear flip flops while walking near said weedwacker.

i cut my toe on the weedwacker tonight coming home from walmart. it's not bad and i don't need stiches or anything crazy like that, but it hurts like crap and i have a big piece of gauze on it and i can't put pressure on it. so no p90x tonight. guess i'll have to wait till sunday! :[

call me crazy.

go ahead. i won't mind. i know i'm a little nuts for trying this (whether you think i'm talking about p90x itself or my decision to blog about it, that's up to you) but oh well!

this blog is going to all about chronicling my experience with p90x. i just bought off some guy on craigslist and i'm going to give it a shot. i've never stuck with a diet/fitness/weight loss program for very long, so we'll see how this works out.

so for those of you who aren't familiar with p90x, it's a 90-day fitness/weight loss program with three different tracks: classic, doubles, and lean. seeing as how i need to drop about 35 pounds to be within a healthy BMI and weight range for my height and age, i'm going to be doing the lean track. now, p90x comes with a nutrition plan and technically, to receive the results they describe, you're supposed to follow it basically to a t. however, seeing as how i have picky people in my family (i love you daddy and trent!) and i just don't have the time or money to be buying all the stuff they have in their meal plan, i probably won't be following it very closely. however, i will be putting a lot of effort into eating healthily and cutting back on the fast food and sodium-packed prepackaged meals.

the first thing you're supposed to do is weigh, measure, and test yourself with various heart rate and endurance tests prior to day 1. below are my measurements and test results. it's full disclosure, people. (minus the pictures they recommended to take beforehand. sorry. those aren't coming off my camera. :D)

weight = 162.3
BMI = 30.7%
chest = 36 1/2
waist = 34 3/4
hips = 40
right thigh = 24 1/2
left thigh = 24 5/8
right arm = 13
left arm = 14

resting heart rate = approx. 93
pull ups = 0 (duh)
vertical leap = 6 in.
push ups = 23 (from knees)
toe touch = +1 in. (1 inch away from touching toes)
wall squat = 30 seconds
bicep curls = 13 (10 lb. weights)
in and outs (seated, knees to chest, extend legs and bring back to chest without feet touching ground) = 10 (i might have cheated a little)
heart rate after 30 seconds of "sprinting" jumping jacks = 138
heart rate after 3 minutes of stopping = 102

so basically i'll be writing about how dead i feel after every workout, every day. seeing as how i have school monday-thursday next week, it'll be heard to find the motivation to do so, but i can do it! w00t.

i'm starting my first workout in about an hour, so look for my feedback on that tomorrow morning!