Monday, August 23, 2010

it's been a while!

over a week, actually. i was doing pretty well up till friday. a friend came over and we had the most epic of movie marathon's - harry potter! all 6 over two days. needless to say friday and saturday weren't exactly workout days for me. then i cam down with an ear infection friday night/saturday morning, so i ended up going to the clinic at walgreens to get some ear drops. i still wasn't feeling well, so i decided to skip yesterday's workout as well. it probably wasn't the best time to skip workouts seeings as how i ate more junk food and candy than i have in a really long time.

BUT i'm up and at it again picking up where i left off. i've decided to not mess up with the schedule and continue with the workout i'm supposed to do today, which is core synergistics. i'm in my rest week now, so i don't feel absolutely horrible about skipping cardio x, x stretch, and yoga x. i'll make up one of them by doing an extra cardio x on saturday as well as x stretch.

besides the last three days i was keeping up pretty well. trying to more healthy and keep up with the workouts and do the whole thing. it's been hard and i'm starting to lose motivation, but i want to keep up with it. i'm not seeing results like i did at first, but i think that's mostly due to my largely fluctuating stress levels and diet. it's going to be super hard with school starting today and continuing for the next 16 weeks, but i'm planning on continuing with the program past the 90 days seeing as how it's already been 3 weeks and i'm not seeing a whole lot of improvement. :-/

off to my workout! time to step up the intensity, folks.

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