Tuesday, August 10, 2010

tenth day!

today was shoulders and arms and ab ripper x. my friend kayla came over and worked out with me, which totally motivated me to do more than i would have alone. i actually did the ab ripper x workout instead of skipping it!! given i didn't do everything, but i did some, which is definitely better than nothing, right? this workout was so much fun because i wasn't doing it alone. i was able to laugh and talk and not just go through the motions all boring-like. not that i don't like the workout when i'm doing it by myself, but for me, it's much better with a friend. :] i think i can safely say that i didn't skip anything in the workout except for 8 minutes of the 75 minute workout, but that was because kayla had to leave and i had to watch my show. :D but i pushed myself harder than last week!

i know i'm going to be feeling it tomorrow, but i'm on such a high right now because i've been eating pretty healthy today and i saw "how to train your dragon" again with my man this morning (for $1!) and i have an interview for an internship tomorrow (yay!) and it's all around just been a good day. i did go out and get that sushi, which was amazing. if you like sushi, definitely check out hana sushi in altamonte springs next to the mall. it's amazing and very, very reasonably priced. and the majority of the rolls are pretty healthy because several of them contain avocados, which are apparently really good for you. i usually hate avocados, but i really like them in sushi rolls.

i'm so looking forward to yoga x tomorrow! kayla's coming over again and we're doing it together! yay!

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