Friday, August 13, 2010

thirteenth day.

today was kenpo x. i kinda skipped most of it. >_< but i substituted 15 minutes of it for ab ripper x, which i actually did quite a bit of. i'm just really not a huge fan of the whole karate thing. so many punches and kicks and it's all the same thing over and over and over and over again. every other workout has so many different moves i don't get bored at all. but all kenpo x is, is punches and kicks. nothing else. so i think i'm going to do something else on kenpo days. probably cardio x since kenpo is mostly cardio anyway. plus i might do a little of something tonight, i'm just not sure what. jd is sleeping (i know, right?) and i'm pretty bored, so i might just have to work on my fitness a little bit more!

i'm getting better with ab ripper x! i can do more reps of the workouts and i think there was only one move that i couldn't do at all. i love seeing progress and i think it's the biggest motivating factor for me so far. and i was walking into wal-mart today to get some groceries and i looked down and i could have sworn that i looked thinner. and this was when i was in my running shorts that usually result in a muffin top. said muffin top is looking smaller! i'm so excited.

i can't wait for x stretch tomorrow, and i'm thinking of doing a morning bike ride with my man. there's a trail we like to ride that's about 7 total miles. it's not just a level trail, either, it's kind of hilly in some places, so i know it works my legs. i can definitely feel it by the time we get back to the car. if we don't do that, i'll probably ride around the neighborhood and/or jump in the pool for some laps. and i'm going shopping with my mom, so even though it's not going to be as much walking as i could do, it's a little something extra on my rest day.

i never thought i would say this (i mean, this is me we're talking about here), but i love exercise!

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